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We are in need of a rescue who can save this boy. He is very protective of his human and his human brother. A stranger came to his door and the human brother opened the door unexpectedly and he bit that person protecting his little human. Animal control said he is aggressive and the landlord says he has to leave his home of 6 years that he has ever known with his mom and human brother. His time was up this morning but his owner asked for a extension. If we can’t help him he will be euthanized because he can only go to rescue. My rescue is full but we are reaching out to other rescues we hope can help and have a special place for him. He is very loving, he loves kids and is so very protective. We want someone who the owner can work with so it can be a smooth transition for him. Befor anyone says anything about why doesn’t she move or any of those things. She is a single mother with a child and doesn’t have that opportunity to move. Please share to help this owner find him a home that will love him. Please share share share. This is killing his mom who raised him. Thanks

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