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About Echols Animal Rescue,

Echols Animal Rescue

This is the story of Michelle Lane Dupree, of Echols Animal Rescue, in Statenville, Georgia, a neighboring county to Lowndes County, who has dedicated herself to animal welfare saving thousands of lives from needless slaughter. Her contact information is at the end of this article. I encourage everyone to give generously to her Rescue. Burton Fletcher, President, Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals, Inc

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How I Started

The Echols Animal Rescue started in June of 2009 and has saved more than 2,200 animals to date! It was opened after learning that Echols County paid both an animal bounty hunter and the shelter in another county, $48,000 each for euthanasia; that is a rate of $50.00 per animal, in a state which euthanizes, on average, nearly 30,000 animals each year.

At that time, Echols county did not have animal control, but they hired a guy to do it on a “bounty” basis. The county had a contract with an Animal Shelter in another county, so each time he turned in a cat or dog to be euthanized, both the shelter and animal bounty hunter made money.

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